Sorry she doesn’t like invalids.
But, you are not dead to be dismissed,
He said with hope in his eyes, to his friend.
Yes, I am not dead to be dismissed
Am just a wounded soldier
Am I not better than a dead lion, he asked.
A caged bird;
Am worth two in a bush.
Like fish caught in an inescapable net,
Adversity knocked, on his doors.
He craved for death, but for the sake
Of his kids and family, he refused to let it go
Love kept him believing
Love made him stronger
The love of family and friends.
The profound weight of his pain and
anxiety is wearing her soul down.
The writing on the wall is predictable
The look in her eyes is hidden behind
Pretensions and impatience.
Where is the love
Where is the care
How she had forgotten her own creed;
For better for worse.
She dismissed him like a corpse;
Leaving him, helpless in a wheel chair.
Maybe she needed love so great, to fill in
Her dried reservoir of hope and care.
Copyright 2014 || BJ


Ye are a perfect storm;

Lift thy head above this cloud,

Like a king wearing royalty

With stately velvet smiles,

Melting the hearts of his enthusiasts.

Take your place among the living,

He said with flames in his eyes,

Awakening their dead conviction, to man up.


Copyright 2014 || Blackout Jungle


I was a big world, made majestically

Of the pure print divinity colors

She’s a little world that gave me home

A home too small, too sinful, too dark

Yet she made me feel comfortable as,

I kowtowed to her myopic ideas and pleasures

Alas, I have become small in my own eyes;

Tainted my soul, the pleasures of average

I was a big world, fearfully and wonderfully

Made to exhibit and express pearly beauty

My beauty is darkened in the pool of self guilt

Drowned in the ocean where where little is big

Oh how I’ve lost my sense of innocence

Show me the way

Show me the way

I will be a fool to fake it; that it is all well

Home is where I want to be, live, and breathe.

Home is where I find true identity of greatness

You are my home